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Review Committee

The Application Review Committee (ARC) members are responsible for reviewing applications received by NLDAC each week. All confidential patient information is blocked to the reviewer.

ARC members approve or deny applications on the basis of whether or not the applicants meet NLDAC program criteria and eligibility. If a waiver for financial hardship is requested, ARC members make a recommendation to the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) to approve or deny the application. HRSA makes the final decision on the request for a waiver and their determination is not subject to appeal.

Name, Title, & Affiliation Expertise & Affiliated Volunteer Organization
Julie LaMantia, LCSW
Banner Good Samaritan Transplant Center
Phoenix, AZ
Transplant Social Worker
Society for Transplant Social Workers
Debra Washington, BS
Health Administration, Retired Army
Silver Spring, MD
Transplant Recipient
National Kidney Foundation
Roxanne Taylor, RN, MSN, CCTC, CPTC
Maine Medical Center
Portland, ME
Transplant Coordinator
NATCO, The Organization for Transplant Professionals
Holly Warren, RN, BA, CPTC
American Society of Transplant Surgeons
Arlington, VA
NLDAC Project Coordinator
Iby Diaz, JD
American Society of Transplant Surgeons
Arlington, VA
NLDAC Project Assistant Coordinator

Potential Donors

If you are considering organ donation, NLDAC may be able to lessen the burden of travel expenses. View the NLDAC Eligibility Screening Tool for NLDAC household income requirements. To learn more about the application process, read the NLDAC brochure "How to Apply" in English or Spanish.

More information

Transplant Centers

Join NLDAC in its mission to reduce financial disincentives to living donation. Please print a NLDAC poster and place it in your kidney transplant clinic or your local dialysis clinic. If you would like us to mail you posters or brochures, please complete this request form. If you would like to learn about the application process, click on the link below.

Application Process

Organ Donor
University of Arizona
Arbor Research Collaborative for Health
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