How NLDAC Helps

NLDAC helps people who are considering being a living organ donor with the non-medical expenses associated with the process. There are two things NLDAC covers for eligible donors:

  1. Travel expenses
  2. Lost wages

We can help with evaluation, surgery, and follow-up trips, but donors need to apply and be approved before the trip they would like help with. Applications must be approved and funded before the donation surgery.

The most NLDAC can provide for a donor’s travel and lost wages is $6,000.

Travel Expenses

Donors who are approved for help with travel expenses receive a controlled value card, which is like a credit card with restrictions, to pay for their transportation (airfare, gas, rental cars, taxis, etc.), hotel, and meals on trips to the transplant center. Donors can also use this card for the travel expenses of a support person who accompanies them. NLDAC can only cover travel within the U.S. and its territories.

Lost Wages

Donors who are approved for help with lost wages also receive a controlled value card, which they can withdraw cash from, or use to make purchases. NLDAC deposits wage reimbursements on these cards around the time of each appointment. Donors can request reimbursement of the wages they lose during:

  1. An evaluation trip, up to 3 days
  2. Recovery from donation surgery, up to 4 weeks
  3. Follow-up trips or rehospitalization, up to 2 weeks

To receive reimbursement of lost wages, donors must be working for pay at the time of their donation surgery or other trip, and submit clear documentation of their current wages. NLDAC cannot pay wages to donors who are unemployed or furloughed.


Read our FAQs, call us at 888-870-5002, or email us. Callers can request service in a language other than English at no cost through our phone interpreter service. Just call and say which language you would like to use.

Learn what you need to know before applying for NLDAC assistance by reading our Program Snapshot.

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