How to Become a Living Organ Donor

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If you want to be a living organ donor, the first step is to contact a hospital that does living donor transplants (this is called a transplant center) and ask to be evaluated as a living donor. The transplant center will collect information about your health history by phone or online, and begin the evaluation process if you meet their criteria.

Visit the transplant center’s website to find a phone number or online form for potential donors, and answer the screening questions. The transplant center will review your information and contact you with the next steps.

NLDAC may be able to help you with travel expenses, lost wages, and dependent care costs. Find out how NLDAC helps and if you’re eligible.

Click here to learn about living organ donation.

Call NLDAC at 888-870-5002 if you need help. Our office is open 9am – 5pm ET Monday through Friday and closed on federal holidays. We’d be happy to help you!

Learn what you need to know before applying for NLDAC assistance by reading our Program Snapshot.

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