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Application Process - Step by Step Guide

NLDAC provides financial support for living donors to travel to the transplant center. Eligibility is based on the recipient’s yearly household income. A completed donor application worksheet and recipient application worksheet are required for every application. Please see videos below for complete information about eligibility and the application process. If you have questions or need assistance, please call 888-870-5002.

There are three steps to the application process. To apply, the donor and recipient must:

1. Complete and sign a NLDAC Application Worksheet and Attestation Form.
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Complete Donor/Recipient Application Worksheet    
Donor portion of Application Worksheet    
Recipient portion of Application Worksheet    

2. Attach a copy of one or more of the following documents to verify household income:

Federal Income Tax Return, Pay Stub(s), W2, Social Security Award Letter, Other documents

If the recipient household income is greater than 300% of the HHS Poverty Guidelines, but the recipient will have difficulty paying for their donor’s travel expenses, a waiver for financial hardship may be requested.

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Recipient Financial Hardship Waiver Worksheet    

3. Give these documents to your Transplant Coordinator, Social Worker or other Transplant professional. The Transplant professional will file the NLDAC application on behalf of the donor. Do not send completed worksheets to NLDAC. We do not accept applications from patients.

NLDAC cannot reimburse expenses that have already occurred. We recommend completed applications be submitted as early as 6-8 weeks before travel or surgical procedure.

Applications Deadline
Category 1,2, and 3 No later than 10 business days before travel or surgery
Category 4 No later than 15 business days before travel or surgery

For more information, watch the videos: “Who is eligible” and “How to apply for Travel Assistance”

Potential Donors

If you are considering organ donation, NLDAC may be able to lessen the burden of travel expenses. View the NLDAC Eligibility Screening Tool for NLDAC household income requirements. To learn more about the application process, read the NLDAC brochure "How to Apply" in English or Spanish.

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Transplant Centers

Join NLDAC in its mission to reduce financial disincentives to living donation. Please print a NLDAC poster and place it in your kidney transplant clinic or your local dialysis clinic. If you would like us to mail you posters or brochures, please complete this request form. If you would like to learn about the application process, click on the link below.

Application Process

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